5 Reasons why people don’t listen to your music


Every Artist needs to read this through


I don’t know how many times I’ve received emails from artist with the worst marketing images. Like straight mixtape promotional covers , asking me to click on a link and listen to their music. Now before you get upset, its not that I don’t want  to support them, it looks like spam. I’m sure you know exactly what Im talking about. Even though these same artist would probably feel the same way I do about those kinds of emails, they still send them out. That doesn’t work in 2016, and it sure as hell wont work in 2017.  Lets dig into the 5 main reason why people don’t listen to your music.

Example # 1 :  Please stop sending these …

Email marketing is extremely important and I’m a huge advocate of using it to engage your fan base. The problem is that most artist don’t understand how people work. Whenever you do send out an email to your list of fan, it needs to always feel personal. You have to think about yourself and what you like and dislike when receiving emails. When I say personal, I don’t mean, “Hey Bob, listen to my mixtape , click here.” (mixtape cover) . PLEASE DONT DO THISSSSSS!!!! I remember getting an email last week and It was so good I had to listen to the music. The email was compelling and I felt like it was written for me even though I knew it was a email blast. Another thing, if you do send out a email blast through services like gmail, yahoo, etc, make sure to BCC so that we don’t see every single person you are sending the email to.

Example # 2 : Your Brand doesn’t look legit

Aesthetic are important, and depending on how something looks, determines how people react to it. Its fucked up but its the truth. I mean lets be honest, Young Thug wouldn’t be Young Thug without the stigma behind his image.  Android are capable of doing way more then  iPhones, but iPhones look way better. You’re more likely to follow a random person with 24K followers on Instagram before you follow someone random with 200 followers. One person isn’t better then the other but visually one looks more important then the other. Everything that has to do with you as a brand, has to look the part. Your website needs to look good, your social sites need to look good, anything that has to do with your brand needs  to look good. You can have the best music ever created and people will  look right pass you.

Example #3  Thinking people will find your music in a sea of music

There is so much amazing music out there that goes unheard every single day. I personally browse through Soundcloud looking for dope music, sometimes spending hours searching. The reason why certain artist are brought to the forth front is simply because they found a way to gain mass amounts of attention and exposure. A lot of people hate the new generation of “Hip Hop” Rappers. Even J. Cole through some jabs toward the “Lil” Whatevers” , but the truth is they were able to build a fan base off of their “not-so-lyrical” music.


You have to learn how to get to the people and now of days its easier then ever before. I don’t believe we will have super star artist in the future, like Beyonce, Prince, Michael Jackson, etc., and the reason is because artist are easily accessible. You can now follow your favorite artist on SnapChat, Instagram or Facebook, you don’t have to turn to MTV or BET or any television now of days. With these new found platforms, you can  build your own world of fans. Nobody is going to heard your music expect your friends and family if you just uploaded it. You have to learn marketing, PERIOD. The internet is powerful and every single year it becomes more and more restricted. So take advantage of the platforms around while you can and build some solid foundation.

Example # 4: Working on perfecting your Craft instead of learning something you lack.

Everyone has a talent but the person that become great is the person that is capable of adapting.  I know some crazy musician, their production is out of this world, but their broke. The reason why they are broke is because they continue to work on perfecting their music, instead of learning business. You can still be great at what your good at, but unless you take a chance on something new, you will forever be in the same place.  If you don’t have the time, then consider hiring someone who does have the skills you require.

Example # 5 :   Cringe Fest……..

Everyone starts somewhere, so if your music isn’t the best its ok. As long as you keep working on it every single day, you will get better. Maybe, your focus, should just be on recording yourself daily and honing in on your craft. Ive seen artist waste so much money trying to push they first song ever that they recorded in a big studio and it sounded like trash. You have to learn to crawl before you can run, so don’t be confused by example #4. You do need to master your craft. My biggest advise to you, if you don’t have a home set up, get one and record every single day . You should be able to create, and record like you whip your a**. It should feel like second nature to you. THEN once you have a master your craft, its time to start the process.

Theres a million things I could point out, but these are the basic examples that Ive seen most recently. Please don’t feel discouraged at all, I wrote these article with the intentions of helping you improve.  Im planning on writing an #ArtistMarketing101 once a week, if theres something you would like to know about or have any question, leave a comment below. I appreciate you for taking the time to read this lengthy article and I hope that you continue to progress in music and in life.


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