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If you f*ck with the music you’ll read this one through! What’s good fam? I hope your week is off to a monumental start. This year has been an interesting one… For everyone I presume, but def for me.

In recent months I’ve been approached with a few different ideas about my business/company that I’ve built for the last 12 years. I’ve also genuinely thought about where I’m going to go moving forward with the music. I mean I can’t sell beats online forever right?The idea was presented to me to sell my business. My immediate reaction was “F*CK NO” I’ve been building this for too long! Then I sat with it for a few months & thought about it from a business perspective, and things started to click.In order for me to progress I have to expand. I have to help others. So I decided that I would begin the process of moving forward with selling my business. (I’m not quitting music)..

Before that I want to expand the production on my site with other producers & in order to do that I have to in turn get rid of a lot of my production on the site.So I am selling exclusives for the first time in 2 years. I need to unload almost half of my catalog in the next 30 days to begin the process of moving forward. So until Aug 1st 2019 I will be selling all beats exclusively on my site! Pricing starts at 500 if you want a guaranteed sale.. You can put in an offer on the beat store BUT I will not accept anything under 250.If you can’t afford exclusives you can use “DFRNTLOYALTY” in the beat store to get half off Unlimted Trackout Leases (Buy1Get3Free).

Now in selling my business this does not mean that I will be done with music this just means that it will be under new management and the variety of music will be GREATER! I will also still be in charge of helping filtering music in transition months.I will be moving on to form my record label “DFRNT MEDIA” more to come on that in the future…ExclusiveSale ends in 30 days! Link below!

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