Best Content Strategy For Artist : Legacy Vs Currency

Legacy vs Currency

RECOMMENDATION: Start watching at 13:42

“Its just money and how you feel.

And everybody gives up how they feel

for short term money.”

– Gary Vee

I’ve been saying for the last 2 years that artists need to put out music everyday. I’ve got into full blown arguments with artists and producers about why its important and no one wanted to listen. Everybody made excuses as to why it wouldn’t work. The leverage between giving instead of takings is so monumental in building a foundation. Unfortunately very few people are willing to give up the short term money for the long term game.

Too many artists now are just hobbyist who are just looking for the quick come up. They imitate and duplicated whatever music is relevant at the time until they have milked that sound. At the same time their are amazing artists out there who care about the art. At some point you have to decided whats more important, the music or the money.  The thing is when you love something and put in the work the money always follows.

Another problem is that artists hold onto the music and they never release to their fans or for potential fan. You never know how someone will react to a record. The best way to find out is by putting the music out. Imagine how much you could learn by releasing something every single day.  Gary Vee broke it down perfectly and I wanted to share this with everyone.

If you know any serious artists who are willing to put in the work, share this post with them. Here at, we have over 500+ hip hop/r&b instrumentals and free downloads for any artist that’s ready to put in the work. My advise is to stop thinking about the money and focus on releasing the music. Whats more important to you? Your legacy or the short term currency?

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