Monday Motivation : Jan. 28 2019

Hi Im Julian and i’m a workaholic. I skip breakfast almost daily if it wasn’t for my girl. I check my email and inboxes before I brush my teeth. My sleep schedule is nonexistent and I recently had to cut coffee out my life because I treat it like gasoline. I have a problem with starting multiple task at one time, which means something is forgotten. Also, I don’t like relying on people so I end up doing everything myself.  I don’t have all my sh*t together but I have a vision and i’m changing. – Julian “Epik” Negasi


Monday Motivation

“The way you do Anything is the way you do Everything!” 

When I first came across this quote it hit me in my chest and made me self reflect. I have my bad habits like most people but I never realized how much it kept me stagnant in certain areas of my life. Like Gary Vee always says, SELF AWARENESS IS EVERYTHING!

I remember when I played basketball in school, coaches would always say, “The way you practice is the way you play in the game.” Its true with everything that you do in life. If you half a** one thing then chance are you will half as** everything.

People always see the end result but no one ever talks about the journey to get there. It like wanting to be Lebron James but not working as hard as he does. There’s no short cuts in becoming the greatest, it takes every ounce of effort in everything you do.

Everyday you should wake up with purpose in mind and want to be the best version of yourself. Don’t get confused with being someone you’re not , focus on who you are. I always see people pushing their routine or rituals on other people. Its not really a bad thing but you need to figure what work for you.

I can’t function working on a daily schedule, I’ve tried its just not for me. I can’t schedule when I create music, its something that comes naturally. But I can make sure to eat breakfast and hang out with girl before I get to work. I’ve also started to write down everything I need to complete for the day and I don’t stray from the list as much.

Sometimes you just need to take baby steps and focus on your goal. Figure out what slowing down your progress, whether its personal or in business. Self awareness is so important and when you understand yourself , your closer to your purpose. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Drop a comment on what you feel you can do better today!

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