Monday Motivation 1

Getting creative in 2019 is a tricky thing. I get a lot of artists (even an artist I’ve been working with for years) asking if I have any “Hit Records”… My response is always “IDK WTF THAT IS”. 1 if I’m honest I’ve never had a hit record 2. from my studies a “HIT RECORD” is either marketing fabrication or it is just a happening. The result of getting in the studio and being creative and making things that a large base would FEEL. I also wonder if people want to make a HIT for NOW or a HIT FOREVER! There’s so many “HITS” from when I grew up that I know no one remembers lol.

When I create I go based off of how I feel right at that moment. No matter how complex or simple people can always trust that it’s how I feel. I don’t know if that’s how people create anymore. I def know most artists go into creation trying to appeal to the masses. I think most artists don’t understand that there is literally 7.5 Billion people on earth & they only have to get less than 1% of them to appeal to their music to create a hit! Do you think that 7.5 billion love Pop, Trap, Rock… Everyone has their own personal feelings toward music. If you’re 15 & love trap theirs a demographic for you. If you’re 45 & love boom bap their’s literally a whole generation that you can appeal to & vice versa.
Honestly everyone SHOULD create what makes them FEEL no matter what the feeling is. That feeling transmits to other humans ears and creates a time stamp in their life. That’s how you create music with impact. Hits come & go… But THE FEELS last forever. If you have any questions or need any help make sure you JOIN MY DISCORD I’m in there all day helping artists on their journey! Bless.
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