Motivation Monday 11-27-18

Thanks Giving always marks a realization point in the year for me. It notifies my brain that this year is literally over. It happens so fast some times & I have to bring myself back down to reality. Back to a place where I realize that I need to appreciate every minute more. Our time is limited on this earth & we take it for granted on a second by second basis. In 2019 I plan to use my time more wisely. Plan my days better. Spend more time with my son who is 4 years away from being a grown man lol. Seems like yesterday when I posted a video of him on Myspace that went “VIRAL” (10k Views in one day¬† was viral¬† in 2006) and kick started my entire online music production career. I want to also spend more time helping independent artists. I feel like we as indie entrepreneurs don’t get enough help. But a time is coming where WE will be the rulers of the “MUSIC INDUSTRY”. It’s right around the corner. What’s your goals for this coming year? Blessings to you & I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend.

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