START AGAIN | Lo-Fi J. COLE Hip Hop Type Beat 2019

In a week it will be my Birthday. I’m another year older and another day closer to becoming the Producer, Father, Husband & over all person that I want to be. I’ve been making music for a long time! I’m proud of what I accomplished & I’m ready to accomplish more in this online indie music world.

I talked to an artist around the same age as me (33) the other day. He said that he didn’t care about money & cared about leaving a legacy. He actually used the word “FAME” but within the discussion we deduced down that he wanted to leave a legacy. He felt that in order to do this he had to create the music everyone else was creating and get signed to a label. I carefully corrected him and told him that in 2019 this isn’t true and that is a grandpas mindset….

I want to help artists realize that they DO NOT NEED A LABEL to push them to the place that they want to be. I want to help artists get to a place where they can LIVE off of what they create. This presents a challenge that will be hard to over come.
I will have to remap the brain and training that the industry has created for artists. That you only have to be creative & not know how to market YOURSELF. That “Quality Over Quantity” is best (It’s not). I have to change the mindset of artists around the world and help them just BELIEVE in themselves and that THEY CAN create a living off of what they do without the help of a label.
I will be releasing a FREE MARKETING course soon to help artists start on the path towards FREEDOM in creation. I hope that you will check it out and tell someone else about it as well. Bless

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