TI Breaks Down Major Label vs Independent for New Artists

Slow Burn > Big Bang

Let me tell you about the time I met TI and what he told me that changed my perspective on the music industry. This was during my Soundclick days, when my beats were starting to pick up in sales. A friend of mine invited me to a studio session with TI and we were all talking about the industry. The topic around chasing a “Hit” came up and what he said stuck with me till this day. He said, “Its better to have a slow burn than a big bang.” That was probably the last session I ever went to because I knew from that moment I didn’t want to be apart of the industry.

It was clear as day to me that music was heading online; just from the perspective I was witnessing with soundclick. It made zero sense to chase placements in a industry that was dying. There were countless stories of artists and producers being finessed out of the royalties or not being paid at all. Ownership has always been important to me so I decided to take the longer road and remain independent. Now in 2020, you have someone like Russ making millions as an independent.

Sometimes chasing that “Hit” is slowing down your potential to grow. I see rappers talk about creating a “hit” but the faster that “hit” comes the faster your career comes tumbling down. We’ve seen artist after artist blow up and then disappear.  Music is subjective, sometimes the song you like least is the song people gravitate to the most. I know this from personal experience. If you’re following my youtube journey, then you know I release beats daily. Sometime I don’t like the beats but usually those are the ones artists like the most. You can’t decided what people will like, you have to allow them to tell you.

“Every song you release is like a investment into a stock in your music career” – Epik

Music Compounds just like stock.There could be a song you released 2 years ago that starts moving and then that new audience runs into catalogue of music. How many times have you ran into someone’s content, loved it but then realized they haven’t released anything new. Major Labels understand your value, especially if you have built a core audience. This is why they hand out large payouts for your publishing rights. Understanding your value in this industry is vital to your career. Ti is one of the OGs who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the music industry. Check out his break down of major vs indie at 4:55.

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