Timbo VS Swizz BEAT BATTLE! Who’s gonna win?

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So I just got back from the store buying some honey jack & other intoxicating beverages to turn up for the weekend & to my surprise I see Swizz Beatzchallenge Timbaland to a beat battle (Videos Below). My first thoughts were pure ‘LOL’Β I think the unanimous victor would obviously be Timbo right? But then I sit back & think about the beat battle between Swizz & Just Blaze…. Just got S#itted on. Almost literally. You gotta understand that Just is 1000% my favorite beat maker/producer of all time. I literally remade the beat for “All I need” by Jay-Z (some people say it’s better). When it comes to beat battles it’s all swayed by the audience. Also when you have two mega producer giants going it at it’s ALL ABOUT HITS. And when I think about it in the context of Timbo Vs Swizz…. Timbo has it hands down, BUT Timbo also has what I would call a “Lighter”Β array of hits. Soft is what I mean lol. Very R&B and POP heavy. So I think this one will be up to the crowd. If you asked me I would say TIMBO but I’m biased because he’s my second favorite producer & Swizz doesn’t even fall into my top 15 TBH. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. (sidenote) Both video challenge & acceptance were corny as F#ck.

#imwiththesmoke πŸ’¨ @timbaland

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Timbaland vs. @therealswizzz #challenge #accepted πŸ‘‘ I'm #wit#da#smoke πŸ’¨

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  • MESinga

    I got Timbo…Swizz be jamming too but I was literally in the car this week jamming to #SomeSmoke by Timbo on a Madonna sing πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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