You Won’t Always Believe


Belief in self is something that most people in the world strive for. Whether that be walking up to a chick/dude, going for that new job/position or just going through life for another day. Most of us lack the belief to go after it……. Our “dreams”. I just wanted to write this blog to let you know that you won’t always believe in yourself & it’s normal. I’ve achieved a lot in the past 10 years while struggling to believe in myself. Constant pressure from “competition” speaking down on me. Constantly living up to my own standards while trying to prove myself right & everyone wrong.  It’s ok to feel something on this journey. It’s ok to have that moment of doubt, that just means it’s REAL. You feel something for it, it bothers you. Although it can become destructive if you allow it to consume you, it is (to me) an indicator of greatness. “How so?” I’m sure you’re asking. Well if you have this doubt of self & work. If you question your motives & still push forward & strive through it anyway you’ll create a learning experience that can be rivaled by none. You learn to cope with failure & transmute it into success. Only the wealth of knowledge will propell you to your highest peak & beyond. Honestly, I’ve found the only way to gain TRUE knowledge is to fail. You can read a million books, blogs & articles. They will tell you that you need to fail, but until you feel the heartache, sorrow &  shit of failure you’ll never REALLY learn anything. I hate school & I fucking hate books…. Shit, TBH I fucking hate BLOGS but I’m built differently than a lot of people. My girl is the total opposite of me. She wants to do all the research like she’s finna take a damn test & then put forth action. Me I like to trip UPHILL. I feel like when I get to the next hill my ability to get to the top faster will befar more superior to those that started with me.  With all this being said, JUST DO IT! Do it anyway. Do it in-spite of what people say (that rhymes lolol). Work against your mental current & create endurance (bars). The world of music in 2017 forces you to have to be an entrepreneur. Which means you have to jump off that cliff & build your plane on the way down. You might crash & burn BUT next time you’ll know better. Welcome to 2017 Fuckers.

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