Spotify Lets Independent Artists Upload Music Directly!


Yesterday Spotify announced their new beta feature which allows independent artists to upload music directly from Spotify for Artists. Independent artists will have more control over their releases and will have access to their meta data. The feature is available via invitation only to a few hundred artists at the moment but will roll out to more artist in the future.

Before this feature, the only option for artists to upload was through a label or a third party digital aggregator.  Companies like  Tunecore and Distrokid have been used by independent artists for a long time and they do charge for their service. Luckly Spotify has stated that this feature will be free and payments will be send directly to the artists monthly.  According to The Verge,

“Spotify will offer artists 50 percent of Spotify’s net revenue and 100 percent of royalties for the songs they upload”.

For now, most artists will still need to use a third party for releases but the company is working to figure out what artists need. Hopefully we will see this new feature rolling out to more artists soon. If it does come about, this will change the industry drastically. Shout to Spotify for listening to the creatives. Check out the official announcement here!