As of today (September 25, 2018), the Music Modernization Act has been passed by the senate and is off to the white house for the presidents signature.

So whats the Music Modernization Act?

The music Industry had been operating under an outdated copy write law from 1908 that has left many creatives on the short end of the stick. For the first time in history, songwriters, publishers, labels, and major streaming services agree on a piece of legislation. The MMA (music modernization act) is about updating the copy write law to reflect the 21st century and to make sure songwriters, producers, mixers, and sound engineers are fairly compensated.

A lot is changing with this bill and it can be a little confusing to understand. Luckily, Digital Music News took the time to compare the current law vs the MMA.  Check out the link below .

Break out of the current copy write law vs the Music Modernization Act

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